Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10 Assets of a Fake Person

I'm pretty sure everyone has had to deal with fake, two-faced, and phony friends. They are the ones that will say hi to you in the hall but don't dare to say a word outside of school to you. The ones who smile to your face and talk behind your back. The ones that will compliment something about you but then turn around and laugh knowing it wasn't true. They are the ones that only say what people want to hear even if they don't mean it. The ones that will go out with your ex boyfriends, or ditch you for their own boyfriends. The ones who only ever hang out with you or talk to you when there is something in it for them. The ones that…okay, okay you get the point! All people want to know is how to deal with these so-called friends of theirs.

I bet that most of you have seen the movie "Mean Girls" which is a perfect example of how some girls as in this case are fake, phony and two-faced!

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So when I think of someone who qualifies as a "fake" person these are some assets that come to mind.

1. Center of Attention

2. Selfish

3. Nosy

4. Untrustworthy

5. Liar

6. Always in competition

7. Disrespectful

8. Judgmental

9. Gossiper

10. Dramatic

If someone you know popped up in your head while reading these, then you should be asking yourself why your still friends with them.

You may not all be a fan of Miley Cyrus but she explains what a true friend should really be like in her song "True Friend" Enjoy! :)

Kicking them to the curb!

Why do people lie? Why do people stoop so low to gain popularity, to be the center of attention? High School for me has been the hardest obstacle so far in my life. Not because of all the homework, projects, etc. but because of the drama. The first thing that comes to my mind when hearing "DRAMA" are fake girls. From personal experience, it really sucks to think that one of your good friends would share a secret that you thought they'd keep. Or even talking negatively about you behind your back. Losing and gaining new friends may be a normal part of life, but dealing with fake people shouldn't be tolerated. Yeah, I've kicked a few people to the curb and it sure was hard, but once you take my advice you'll realize that it was all worth it! If you are questioning if some of your friends are fake, it may be hard to tell. Some advice to avoid these "fake" people that you may call your friends are:

1. Stay Far Far Away From The Drama. --If someone comes up to you and starts blabbing away about someone, cut the conversation short.

2. Ignore Them. --It may be hard at first to ignore them, but the sooner you start the sooner they're gone!

3. Work On Your Confidence. --People who are confident about themselves won't put up with the fake person's crap. You'll know your too good to be treated like that!
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4. Be Yourself. --How can you find real friends, if your not being yourself?

5. Be Your Own Best Friend. --It may sound corny, but it's true! Who are you with 24/7? Yourself. Who knows you better than anyone else? Yourself.
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